Free subdomains for completely free websites

from 2024-05-18

We're now offering free subdomains for completely free websites. In the spirit of the IndieWeb, I'd recommend owning your own domain, but the tradeoff is that resources will only persist as long as you renew it. Nothing lasts forever, but as long as we're here and not required to remove your content, using a free subdomain guarantees that it remains available.

So jump into our docs, where you'll be directed to skip DNS setup, and deploy a subdomain of if you like our brand, for a personal site. If you're using a personal API key (rather than a team's), it'll require an extra argument on first deploy to specify which team the site should belong to. Otherwise, everything works exactly the same.

And because it's easy to add and remove domains to sites from the admin interface, even if you do have your own domain, you might as well evaluate without any DNS changes.

Please reach out if you'd like to provide different domains to our community.